Napa City Nights 2016 Season Finale!

For the final show of the season Napa City nights has this Friday August 26th:

Jeff Campbell, Whitney Nicole & Pat Jordan Band


Jefff CampbellJeff Campbell 6:30pm

“…(with) an encompassing blend of music styles, he proves himself capable of channeling a dynamic mixture of genres while still maintaining a cohesive flow.  ‘The Kitchen Sink’ is laced with an emotional honestly and poetic lyricism that makes it easy to see how he stood out amongst such a large crowd. ” Elmore Magazine

“Campbell’s songs don’t rely on gimmicks or flash to be good. They don’t need a massive production backing to get the listener’s attention. They count on our desire to find a connection, and they reward us for taking the time to listen” New York Minute Magazine

“He strays light years away from the dominate youthful garage rock style of music that you typically find in Oakland and SF and chooses to make pop country rock and roll that is fresh and all his own.” The Deli Magazine

“(On ‘Fill the Spaces’) Campbell jumps right in a with a bit of raucous introspection. Riffy and strummy (and) leading up to a singalong chorus, Campbell deftly rocks it with a touching tribute. I especially like the starkly sweet ending. Nice.”  Guitar World Magazine
Whitney NicholeWhitney Nichole 7:15pm

Whitney Nichole joins the likes of Sara Bareilles and Adele with her soulful, indie-pop music style.

A new addition to the singer/songwriter scene in San Francisco, Whitney previously worked and performed in NYC. Though she’s only been in the Bay Area for a short time, she’s already performing regularly at venues such as Yoshi’s and The Hotel Utah. Whitney has just finished recording her debut album with producer Adam Rossi of Luce, which is due out in January 2011. The new record follows up her 5-song EP, Will It Grow, released earlier this year. Her sound combines the storytelling lyrics and powerful melodies to create an enjoyable fusion of pop-rock and indie-soul.
Pat Jordan BandPat Jordan Band 8:15pm

Pat Jordan Band has grown into a powerful five-piece acoustic-rock band based in Northern California. With a sound carved from hundreds of live shows, and constant drive to evolve and progress, Pat Jordan Band has developed a devoted following spanning from coast to coast, and a style all their own.

There’s a place where sincerity and musical creativity meet, and it’s where Pat Jordan Band and its diverse members have made their home. After years of shows and parties, rehearsals and relentlessly fighting for every last opportunity to play and improve, the band has reached a high-note and is earning their exposure on a scene that could use their presence.

It is every musician’s nightmare to have someone attempt to describe their sound… understanding this, it makes most sense to be brief. a Pat Jordan Band concert is more than just music. it’s more than just a good time. it’s seeing, and getting to know a man with a guitar, hearing his words, finding his melodies, and letting it take you over.

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