Its our HOT August Night with Napa City Nights

On August 5th we come off Porchfest weekend with some familiar sounds. So prepare to relax for a little as I’m sure those feet will get sore.

Napa City Nights

is proud to present

Vincent Costanza, Amber Snider Band & SweetHayah


Vincent CostanzaVincent Costanza Music 6:30pm

Currently based in Napa, CA, Vincent Costanza (aka Vince, aka Vinnie, aka Vindogg) was born and raised in the foothill town of Sonora – in the heart of California’s Gold Country. He started playing acoustic guitar around the age of fifteen and began writing songs not long after that.

Vincent’s music can be described as soulful and acoustic-blues inspired with catchy hooks that make you want to sing along. Some have compared his sound to Amos Lee, Ray LaMontagne, and Eric Hutchinson. Vincent grew up listening to a wide variety of artists and draws influence on musicians such as Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Ray Charles, The Band, Chris Cornell, The Doobie Bros, just to name a few!
The Amber Snider BandThe Amber Snider Band 7:15pm

“The Amber Snider Band” combines high-energy music with life stories that are pleasing to the mind, body and soul. It’s that feeling of having a great time and being in the moment that motivates them to keep playing music.

Her band was formed while playing weekly shows at Downtown Joe’s in Napa and in 2009, Amber married longtime guitarist, Aaron Snider and changed her personal and professional name from Amber Estrada to Amber Snider.

“Super talented. Catch her while you can before a ticket to her show is 50 bucks.”
-Rich Freedman, Vallejo Times Herald
Sweet HayaHSweet HayaH 8:15pm

HayaH is the Arabic and Hebrew word for “life”, and Sweet HayaH has a lust for life that pulsates through the music they create. Sweet HayaH is a high-energy festival band, but don’t think that the sweetness makes them pure sugar. There is genuine musical complexity layered into their Rock-Soul-Funk blend, and if there was to be one band to represent the diversity of culture and exuberance found in the Bay Area it would be Sweet HayaH. All of the members of Sweet HayaH were first local musicians in their own right, and since they converged the band’s reach has grown bigger and bigger. Sweet HayaH has kept up an impressive touring schedule and taken their high energy live show all over in 2015 including a run to SXSW. Sweet HayaH has had the honor of performing with some great bands and artists along the way sharing the stage with living legends like Robby Krieger of The Doors.

It doesn’t matter whether Sweet HayaH are opening or headlining, whether they are playing to their local following or to new audiences, Sweet HayaH always puts on the type of show that gets them invited back. The connection they make with the audience is palpable, and their dedication to their community and music scene is deep. Sweet HayaH loves to make their shows a platform for local talent to guest star, and for people to connect through music. According to their producer Todd Jeremias, the band’s energy and vibe are the perfect backdrop for their exceptionally gifted front woman Nehal Abuelata who often draws comparisons to legendary vocalists like Tina Turner, Carol King, Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse even Janis Joplin to name a few…


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