Napa City Nights – June 21st Concert

Maddy Hudson, Dylan Black Project & Renee Wilson
Veteran’s Park – Downtown Napa

Maddy Hudson at 6:30pmMaddy Hudson

The beautiful and talented Maddy Hudson, She was American idol contestant from 2015!

Dylan Black Project at 7:15pmDylan Black Project

What do you get when you have Funk mixed with Soulful Blues and amazing guitar playing? You have Dylan Black.

Dylan Black can only be described as an “Experience”. The band takes you on a journey back into time to the days of the Midnight Special. Blending raw nasty funk grooves with finger popping R&B and amazing musicianship.

Unique, fun and… well… an experience!

Renee’ Wilson at 8:15pmRenee' Wilson

The incredibly multi-Talented Renee’ Wilson recognized for her raw beauty and powerful stage presence, Renee starred in the award winning film “Ray” alongside Jaime Foxx (2004) to mention one of her many successes.

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