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2016 Bluegrass-fed Concerts 0

How about a little Bluegrass in the valley

There are many events in the valley, but there is something about concerts at Long Meadow Ranch. Between their wines on tap and the amazing food, you have to hit at least one of their concerts. Drumroll please… announcing the...

Napa Live: A Music Crawl 0

Napa Live: A Music Crawl

Napa Downtown has been something I’ve been enjoying for years and this year they are adding a new event that touches on the 3 things I love: Live Music, Great Wine and Amazing Food.

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You like beer and haven’t been to Bilco’s?

In downtown out there is a hangout where one can find the largest variety of brews in Napa County, and decent food and entertainment also. Bilcos, on 2nd Street, has 16 pool tables, 8 dart boards and more beers than...

Rosé Wines

Its Almost Rosé Season!

Now I’ll admit I got a lot of ribbing when i noted I liked pink wine. Besides the general guy drinking pink (Real Men wear pink) its the fact that for years the closest thing to a Rosé that people...


Silo’s An Upscale Dive Club

A certain Napa venue has earned it name for good music and good times.  Silo’s at Napa River Inn provides their own decent brewed IPA (West Coast style but not as hop heavy) and a Porter (decent tasting but eh)...


Hello Wine Country!

The new site is up and running!  there will be some hiccups as I optimize as the site still seems to be getting a few thousand visits a day, even though I had taken it down for a number of...